Hi my name is Larraitz and I am a working mother with 2 beautiful children.

In 2006 I started suffering from blackouts. For no apparent reason I would feel dizzy, light headed and faint. I later found out that I was highly allergic to wheat, almonds, apples and soya. Nearly everything I tried to buy in health shops contained either wheat or almonds. Thats when in 2009 I decided to start making my own crackers and snacks.

My friends encouraged me to market my products at local farmers markets and stores, as they all liked the taste and texture of them. We also thought that there must be many other people in a similar situation to me, struggling to find a healthy alternative to snack on throughout the day.

All of the ingredients are organic and locally sourced, they are freshly cut and dehydrated below 45ºC so that all the nutrients and enzymes remain intact. The snacks are raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, wheat free and have no added sugar. They are perfect if you need an energy boost not a sugar rush, are low in calories and the children love them too!

The crackers are perfect with dips, soups or just as they are. The crispy onions are also great with soup, salads or out of the pot, and the banana biscuits are a favourite with the children.

I hope you like them.

Happy snacking!